Velkommen til Alaskas Úlfhé∂nar hjem. en shamankriger udpeget af Ó∂inn til at lære folket sandheden om sameksistens og fred. Jeg beder om, at du kommer ind, ser dig omkring og lærer sandheden om de nordiske legender og praksis. Tune ind på vores ugentlige podcast, som vi diskuterer vores gamle måder at hjælpe med at arbejde gennem moderne problemer.

Welcome to the home of the Alaskan Úlfhé∂nar. A shaman-warrior anointed by Ó∂inn to teach the peoples the truth about coexistence and peace. I ask that you come in, look around, and learn the truth about the Norse legends and practices. Tune in to our weekly podcast as we discuss our ancient ways to help work through modern problems.

What is a Úlfhé∂nar you may ask? I encourage you to look through the page that I have dedicated to explaining both: what the legend of the Úlfhé∂nar is, as well as my personal journey to accepting my birthright as a sworn Úlfhé∂nar on Germanic-Dane descent.

My weekly podcast show, the Alaskan Úlfhé∂nar is the culmination of three decades of religious studies, interlaced with substantial amounts of cultural psychology, intersecting with my personal discovery of my own ancestry and cultural beliefs blended with wisdom granted by the all-father Ó∂inn. Through these studies of both: academia, and my personal ancestry, I have come to understand the definition of who, and what I am in relationship to the world around me, as well as my context within my community.  My shows attempt to shed some light on spiritual freedom to encourage hope and foster personal success.

As an anointed Úlfhé∂nar I have chosen to travel a different spiritual path based on that knowledge gained, and wisdom earned from my years in academia, as well as the connections I have discovered to the spiritual world to help others facing their own mental challenges. As a spiritual counselor, and advisor for my veteran brethren who have returned home from overseas conflicts, I have witnessed, first-hand, the psychological carnage created by the foundations created by the enforced beliefs of organized monotheistic religions of the modern-day. I have personally examined these conditions at their deepest level, beyond theology, under the ideology, through psychology, and into the realm of philosophy. With thousands of hours spent unraveling the misguided understandings of basic life principles, I have engaged in a personal journey of helping others to achieve an even deeper understanding of joy and harmony in their own lives.

As a sworn Úlfhé∂nar of the all-father Ó∂inn, I have sought, and received the inclusion by the all-father in the in-depth understanding of the “mysterious powers” within the natural world. Discovering through trances and meditation the wisdom of Kvasir, by drinking the mead of O∂rerir, I hope to pass this wisdom to the listeners of our teachings. The Úlfhé∂nar of the Old Norse were the “shock troops” used by King Haraldr hárfagri to unify Norway, typically used as “special forces” according to the Sagas. This is where this fits nicely into my training with the military, and then private security, allowing me to master a multitude of weapon systems.

However, they were also the “shaman-warriors” of the Old Norse with the ability to include the Landvætti (Land Spirits) in their attacks against the enemies of the day.  Beyond the Berserkir, they were specialists with the weapon systems of the day and were capable of wielding the “mystic powers” even though these were typically reserved for the feminine.

This path of discovery that I traveled led me back to my Germanic-Dane ancestry. My great-grandparents, migrating to the United States of America a mere three generations ago from Southern Denmark, and Western Germany. Further research, going further back in time to realize the evolution of the Germanic tribes of northern Germany into southern Denmark, to escape the Roman Empire, to form the most formidable warriors to walk the planet.

These earlier warriors formed a unique, and rich culture that lasted for millennia in myth and legend, culminating in what the historians refer to as “the Viking Age”. It was the underlying beliefs behind this culture that has inspired and called me home. While many may contend that those “old Norse ways” were polytheistic, in reality, they embraced a more pagan belief system, with the emphasis being placed on “the self”. Identifying the gods and the attributes as “role models”, and the creation of “noble virtues” as part of our hopes to emulate those principles. All of these underlying beliefs would be assaulted by organized monotheistic oppression, but have survived for a multitude of reasons.

Some, have discovered the true power and righteousness within this practice. They have discovered that the monotheistic practices that would follow, would only provide a defined, predictable method to control and manipulation of the general population. While I continue to seek new knowledge, and building my collective wisdom, I finally feel that I am spiritually home here with my Germanic-Dane paganistic beliefs.

Recently, I have validated the ancestral association by completing two (2) in-depth DNA research studies (MyHeritage, that have verified my strong connection with the rich Germanic-Dane ancestry. This led me to continue my exploration of the spiritual understanding which then provided me with an in-depth application of this understanding to both: understand my own journey, as well as assist others in discovering their journeys.

After decades of ideological studies through most of the recognized religions of the world, I used both my mind (to theorize the evolution of cognitive thought of the evolving human species), as well as my heart (to consider what felt “right”), and have ultimately arrived at the practice of my ancestors.

norrœnt mál (Old Norse)

What the Mainstream Churches refer to as


What does it mean to be a pagan in the modern-day world, especially here in the United States? It means that I don’t believe the same things that most people do. It means that I have removed the societal enforcement of “good” or “evil”, or “right and wrong”. These intrinsic values that are passed through the many hundreds of generations are the reason that I have come to recognize monotheistic religions (ie. Christianity, Muslim, Judaism, etc.) as the societal population control protocols that they are.