As an American Germanic-Dane

A new Life Path

I have traveled far both: psychologically, and spiritually, to arrive at the place I am. I studied the theologies of all the major organized religions of the world to discover that they didn’t “feel” right, leaving more empty than full. I academically studied the underlying, developing cognitive psychology of Anatomical Modern Humans as they migrated out of Africa 190 thousand years ago, and found where religion took a wrong turn. The more I have learned about my ancestors, and their beliefs, the more I am convinced that they achieved the absolute truth and understanding (albeit mistranslated by the Christian Church centuries later). This led me to study my own ancestry (using DNA research) to discover what I had come to know from my academic studies, I am a child of Ó∂inn and full-fledged Úlfhe∂inn from my cultural heritage of Northern Germany and Western Denmark. This knowledge has filled the internal voids I had within my life and given me purpose again. I have been given infinite sight as to the connection to the many realms, which provides me with a wealth of knowledge that I can offer to my friends and family.

Life Changing Path

Throughout my discoveries of my Germanic-Dane ancestry, I discovered many portions that have been missing in my life. As such, I’ve begun to assimilate that culture into what was missing from my life. Things like:

  • Celebrating many different holidays (i.e., Yule, Midsummer, Equinox, etc)
  • Turned around my thinking to recognize the “nine noble virtues”
  • Recognizing that this life isn’t about waiting for some salvation, but it is about what I make it… This life is what I do.
  • My most trusted advisor/confidant is so much more important than I’ve ever given credit for.
  • I need to be a man of honor and integrity above all.

Below I’ve begun to document some of the awesomeness I’ve discovered that I am integrating into my life.

Changes to my Life (Personal Blog)