As evidenced throughout the millennia, the theology behind paganism is that “we are all part of the same world, with many of the same challenges”. It is this message that we embrace wholeheartedly here at the AKÚlfhe∂nar. Being a Norse pagan means I recognize that the spirit of the Landvætti (Land Spirits) are inclusive of the spirits of other humans (who may or may not be aware of it). In the spirit of coexistence, we offer our friends and fellow pagan providers the opportunity to list their businesses below. If you do find something you are interested in and/or make a purchase from the shops, please let them know that AKÚlfhe∂nar sent you.

This Page is Under Construction, links will be added as made available.

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The Alaskan Úlfhé∂nar wants to give credit, and plenty of thanks to the folks at Nordic Runes for working with us to provide an online resource for using the Runestones to help navigate this modern-day world. As I searched the internet, I found their runestone casting to be very accurate, and less costly than investing in a set of stones. Please visit their site at and tell them we sent you.


Remember our collection of additional reading resources at Yderligere Ressourcer

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Does your organization fit into one of the categories above, and you’d like to have your link here? We offer this page, as well as other advertising options, however, we do reserve the right to deny anyone, and anything being advertised on this website and/or show. If you’re interested and are of similar mind, by all means, drop us a line at to start a conversation with us.