Fysisk Kriger

Midgardr Warrior

Special Force

Here on Midgardr or (Manna-Heim), as a sworn Úlfhe∂nar, I have been charged with becoming a specialist in the physical weaponry of “the age” in addition to my spiritual knowledge and practices. As a formerly active-duty US Marine, and 25+ year veteran of the private security industry I have studied, practiced, and mastered a plethora of weapon systems. Starting in the days of my ancestors there in Northern Denmark I have looked (in earnest) at the evolution of weaponry and practiced with most. While many of the weapons have evolved, and the use of shields is limited, the training to remain a feared, chaotic force to be reckoned with is practiced with lethal precision.

I first started with “the self”. Ensuring that I could engage and subdue an enemy without any other weapons but what Ó∂inn gave me at birth, I set out to understand the body mechanics and physics involved in hand-to-hand combat. Drawing on many of the eastern studies, I practiced the martial arts and drew from their movements. While I studied many different types of martial arts, I have come to understand that there is no “one way” to perform what is necessary to protect oneself and eliminate a threat to friends and family.

In addition, I studied the art of Seior and mastered its concepts. In modern times, this is the art of camouflage. The mastery of shifting one’s shapes to ensure the enemy is confused and unable to get a clear shot at inflicting damage. This skill started in the US Marine Corps where it was explained in detail but mastered once in the private civilian security industry, where observation was a critical component to that job, but discovery should be avoided at all costs. I have also studied physics necessary to contort the appearance of one’s body to ensure that the enemy can only see what I choose to let them see.

Handheld Blades

The first and most personal weapon system that I have studied in-depth was the hand-held bladed weapon category. This category included a multitude of weapons all centered around knives. Working in conjunction with forms of martial arts, the hand-to-hand combat with an easily concealable, handheld bladed weapon allowed me to understand primal survival instincts.

Handheld canons

In an effort to evolve the up-close and personal abilities of the individual warriors, the evolution of the handgun elevated the playing field for closed-in combat. Beginning with the wheel-gun (revolver) carrying (typically) six rounds, and evolving to the semi-automatic pistol which could carry up to fifteen rounds in a magazine, the handheld canon became the optimal personal protection weapon system. This system also became the last line of defense, when all the other weapon systems had been exhausted.  I have studied the art of quickly, and accurately bringing this weapon to bear from its hidden positions within my clothing.

Larger Blades

Following in the footsteps of my ancestors, I had to evolve to longer-reach weapons. This leads me to the spear, halberd, hammers, and ultimately the ax. Modifying the body movements to accommodate the additional weight and longer reach. These weapons have completely different attack and defense mechanisms that need to be practiced at-length to ensure success.

Evolving long reach weapons.

As the evolution of weaponry continued, so too did my need to understand this new form of combat. Next was the bow/arrow, and the atlatl/spear. This combination allowed targets to be engaged long before the hand-to-hand was necessary. Focusing my skills in at approximately forty (40) meters allowed me to engage the enemy at distance minimizing the potential for personal damage. The other advantage of engaging the enemy at a distance allowed me the opportunity to engage another layer of attack mechanisms (ie. resorting to the ax, or sword at closer ranges).


As weapons evolved, the addition of gunpowder packed behind lead balls, exploded and sent hurtling down a barrel to impact the enemy at ranges of 80 meters or more. A different set of skills was necessary when focusing this weapon system on enemy forces. However, the advantage of this type of system would be the insertion of possibly two weapon systems after it, allowing me to fire the black powder weapon, then possibly an arrow from the bow, before resorting to the ax, finally arriving at the knife. However, due to the new invention (at the time) of rifling within the barrel, and the length of time to reload, this weapon system was only a small step above my longer-range weapon systems.

The Longest Range

The evolution of gunpowder-based weaponry led to the development of bolt action rifles which could produce ranges measured in miles. With some of the longest, recorded kill shots in history over two miles away, this became the weapon system of choice, as many would never hear the shot that sent them to the lands of Lundar to await Ragnoräk. With rounds that equaled the diameter of one’s finger, the range and impact of these systems would take years to master. Calculating the weather systems, the curvature of Midgard, and gravity, to place a shot “on-target” at over a mile away was a critical skill to have.

Multiple Targets

While the bow/arrow system could be reloaded and fired in fairly quick succession, and the bolt action could be fed from a small magazine, the assault rifle brought a whole new level of reloading quickly, affording the wielder the potential to engage a multitude of targets if necessary. Although typically smaller calibers (7.62mm or 5.56mm), these weapon systems could achieve “accuracy by volume” which could enhance the possibility of a successful defensive strategy. With accuracy ranges of approximately 600 meters, the ability to put multiple rounds on target increase exponentially the potential of success.

Personal Defense

I would also have to become familiar with, and excel with its use, the shotgun. Shotguns have instrumental functions for both: hunting fowl, and only having to be close to inflicting damage on a eminent threat. However, there are a lot of alternative uses for deploying a shotgun, as well as knowing which ammunition to use for different threats. The shotgun is a de-evolution of the firearm, but still a required piece of any home defense system.