Midgardr Shaman

Úlfhé∂nar Shamans from the Germanic Tribes

As a modern-day Úlfhe∂nar, I have studied both: the art of war (and hand-to-hand combat), and the spiritual realms (both on Mi∂gar∂ as well as others), in order to provide an understanding as to the true purpose that we all serve in this physical life. In the ancient history of my Germanic-Dane ancestry, the Úlfhe∂nar connected the physical world to the spiritual world and could transform as hamrammir or (Shapeshifters). These abilities enabled us to live outside the understanding of normal man and live our own paths as determined by Ó∂inn. As you can imagine this has never sat well with the puppet-masters of the monotheistic “churches”, and they worked hard to dishonor my ancestors from then, to now. As a modern-day Úlfhe∂nar my study has shifted away from physical combat (although my skills are maintained) and shape-shifting and has become more focused on understanding the spiritual connections we all have every minute of every day within our own realm, and others. This understanding allows me to help my friends and neighbors to find their way back to the path of creating the tapestry that they can be proud of. I offer the wisdom of my great ancestors who lived before our ancestors, throughout the nine realms, while calling upon my totem brothers, the wolves, to help me to see what others cannot.

In my case, the gift of Ó∂inn skipped a few generations, with my father and grandfather being unable, or unwilling to accept the gift, my great grandmother carried with her, the gift of the mystical, and handed it down to the firstborn son of each of the following generations. I am the eldest son of my father, who was the oldest male born of his father, who also was the oldest male born of my great grandmother. Therefore it has become my honor to embrace the gift of Ó∂inn. For many years I carried out my initiation into the Úlfhe∂nar without much knowledge of what it was at the time.

This combination would have made the equivalent of a one-man army.

To be initiated into the Úlfhe∂nar there are many different requirements, however, it all culminated with an Oath of Allegiance.

The oath to Ó∂inn includes all aspects of our lives, and/or verifies our ability to carry the responsibilities of the Úlfhe∂nar. As such we must be able to demonstrate:

  • Ability to survive away from our village or behind enemy lines.
  • Maintain skill in all necessary weaponry (Modern, and basic).
  • Maintainability to communicate in the spiritual realm at will.

Our demonstration of those skills follows our initiation tasks of:

  • Experience the spiritual realm with a near-death experience.
  • Dedicate the donation of blood to Ó∂inn as a sacrificial offering. Dedicated by dripping blood into an open fire.
  • Spend an extended visit in the natural world obtaining balance.

Finally, with a blood sacrifice, we swear an oath to Ó∂inn on Úllr’s ring, on a full moon beyond Midwinter.

Ó∂inn, the almighty all-father in Valhöll, I come before you this eve to swear my unwavering allegiance to you. You know I have proven myself in battle, both physical and in the spirit realms. You remember the time where I crossed the BiFrost to learn of the other realms. I have proven my faith in your power over the natural world. I have proven my ability to cross the boundary from Mi∂gar∂ to the other realms. I have drunk from the horn of Kvasir filled with the mead of Ó∂rerir and have been granted the infinite wisdom brewed by the dwarves. I swear upon my honor to be dedicated to you, else accept my fate of drowning in the black river filled with venom between Niflhel and Narstrand. I stand ready to serve you against the forces of ice giants should they escape Jötunheim. I swear to give my last breath to you in the battle of Ragnorök. Please accept my blood as a token of my oath as I endure the pain of surrendering it, as I swear this oath on the ring of Úllr to verify its honor.

Ultimately, upon the date and time foretold by Urðr, when we depart our physical bodies behind, we know that the Skjǫldrinn covenant of 748, I will join Týr at his hall, Valaskjálf. We know that the review of our tapestry, sewn by one of the three Nornir, Verðandi, and read by Skuld will reveal that we have honorably served Ó∂inn.

As a spiritual guide

Throughout the last fifteen years, I have spent an inordinate amount of time working with individuals to resolve their internal psychological conflicts. Primarily I have been worked with my brethren returning home after serving in combat areas, both: in the military, as well as private security forces. With the insight and understanding that has been given to me by Ó∂inn in such matters, I offer an open platform of truly non-judgemental guidance to move forward in our lives by reducing stress and eliminating psychological conflict. As a practicing pagan Úlfhe∂nar, I help my friends discover the negative ramifications of the modern translations of monotheism and assist in removing the stigmas typically assigned to their congregation.

I have worked with hundreds of individuals throughout the years, helping them to find coping mechanisms to work through whatever internal turmoil they are experiencing.

  • Return to civilian life for individuals who have served in high-stress areas throughout the world. Whether in the military or not, in addition to helping people to build support networks while properly preparing those support personnel for their role in the healing process.
  • Marriage counseling for couples before, during, and after consummating their vows to one another. Helping them to understand the challenges that they will face throughout their lives, as well as working through dramatic changes that arise.
  • Grief counseling for many individuals for a multitude of reasons. Whether it be the loss of loved ones, situational changes, or other traumatic events that have entered their lives, we work on building the coping mechanisms to grow past the event.
  • Anxiety counseling for individuals as they work through their lives.

As a spiritual advisor/counselor I have worked with many individuals in additional roles as well as other ceremonial events:

  • Blessing the birth of a child.
  • “Coming of Age” ceremonies for children.
  • Wedding Officiant for weddings.
  • Pagan ritual officiant
  • Oath keeper for hirdmen
  • “End of Life” officiant.

I have worked with hundreds of friends throughout the years, primarily working with those affected by the nightmarish Hel created by theaters of conflict and war. As a spiritual advisor, I help to unlock the sometimes hidden meanings of dreams, as well as understanding the intrinsic value paradigm shift that individuals go through during high stress, and/or combat situations.

Using the wisdom of my ancestors I work with people to recognize where much of their guilt/shame or anger comes from. I help support team members function to help my friends back into a “normal” life, guilt-free. This wisdom granted to me by Ó∂inn allows me to understand the necessary clarity to get lives back on track.

As a spiritual counselor for the Forn-Sidr, I am constantly challenged by the guilt/shame cycle that has been used by all major, monotheistic religions throughout the world in their desire to keep the population under control. I have had the honor of being able to help people see through the Seior created by the monotheistic religions and allowed me to help them move past the guilt and shame to live normal lives.

As a formerly ordained minister of the Christian church, I offer my decades of experience of working with hundreds of friends to help them move past the pain, and suffering into growth and enjoyment. With graduate-level studies in religion, psychology, philosophy, and telecommunications I offer an academic perspective of my personal search for the meaning of life. Having survived drug addiction and an endeavor in self destruction, I can offer hope, and the promise of a better path forward using my cultural knowledge of my own ancestry. Using this site, and my weekly podcasts as vessels to connect to friends around the world undertaking their journeys of understanding their own meaning of life.

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